More about the Nordic Walking

Some words about this physical activity
The current popular European Nordic walking techniques (there seem to be 26 various techniques) have come up further to the development of the NW by Tom Rutlin (USA,
since 1985) and Marko Kantaneva (sports instructor, Finnish Sports Institute, at Vierumaki, Finland), since 1994.

Nordic walking can be considered either as a sport or as an enjoyable and highly effective physical activity, but also as a physical activity that is ideal for people of any age, ability and goals seeking to become healthier and look, feel and function better.
It exercises nearly every major muscle in our body when adding a pair of specially designed walking poles (sticks).

The main benefits of the Nordic Walking are

  • Strengthen abdominal, back, arm, shoulder, chest, leg and all “core” muscles
  • Burn 20-50% more calories
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase overall stamina and muscle endurance
  • Improve lymph system function and boost your immune system
  • Reduce pain and injury-causing stress on hips, knees and feet
  • Help maintain overall bone density
  • Maintain joint health and range of motion
  • Improve both your posture and balance
  • Enhance both your energy and mood
  • Experience a safe, fun and convenient “good use” total body exercise

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